Product Care

What’s the best way to take care of my CANAGLIA fine jewelry?

Each piece of CANAGLIA jewelry is a precious treasure and deserves proper care.

We recommend that you take good care of your CANAGLIA jewelry and keep it away from all corrosive products and heat sources.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when swimming or doing sports.

Allow your perfume and makeup to completely dry before putting on your jewelry.

You can gently clean your jewelry with a very soft brush and soapy water. Thoroughly rinse it with clear water and then allow it to air dry.

It is best to stow it individually in its original protective case to avoid dents or scratches.

If you have any questions regarding your jewelry’s care, we recommend that you contact our After Sales Team at


Coral is an increasingly rare, wild natural resource.

The dynamics of its composition and origins can cause its color to change over time, particularly if it comes into contact with skin, perfumes and/or heat.

To protect our planet’s precious treasures and ensure our products’ long-lasting quality, we decided to use cultured coral, which is a sustainable choice that also guarantees reliable color consistency.