Fine Jewelry Canaglia® Story

How was CANAGLIA® Paris born?

Canaglia® Paris was born during the (sunny) summer of 2017, somewhere on the south coast of Corsica.  Nathalie, Carlo and Gilles, its three founders and friends, came up with the idea of creating a Maison de Joaillerie (Fine Jewellery), both festive and joyful, reflecting their own values and sense of taste, with a Mediterranean accent.

Nathalie, famed for her determination, Carlo, who has the keenest eye for detail and Gilles, the recognized creator, had been inspired by Corsica’s many beauties, its richness, its culture, and its memorable landscapes…

But Canaglia is, above all, the blessed child of a beautiful Friendship, fostered by a common set of passions : the love of beautiful things – even of curiosities – while uniquely shared moments bathe into sea and sun … and, of course, a fondness for jewellery…

As Nathalie d’Asaro Biondo, CEO of Canaglia, and her husband Carlo put it so eloquently: “a jewel must make you unique”.

Gilles Neveu

Gilles Neveu, Canaglia’s Artistic Director, brings to life this universe, through the creation of exclusive collections.

Graduated from ESMOD, École Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode, with a Master degree of Arts in Fashion Design and Modelling, he then joined the Maison Christian Dior as a designer for three years, focusing on evening gowns.

His relentless passion for making his clients feel beautiful through his creations landed him to the House of CANAGLIA.
“I like women and I know how to make them look better. I want to transmit them confidence. I want them to feel beautiful.”

In the latest collections realized for the brand, Gilles Neveu succeeded beautifully to capture and bring to life the essence and richness of the Mediterranean civilization into unique and innovative pieces of jewelry.